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Scalar integrates with your cloud hosting and job backends to automatically scale your servers and workers based on load or a schedule.

How does Scalar help you?

Save Money

Most web applications have load that varies throughout the day, and occasional peaks when your site lands on the frontpage of Hacker News or Reddit. Normally, you need to provision servers to accomodate your highest level of traffic during the day, then they sit mostly idle at night. If you get an unexpected surge of traffic, your ops team has to manually provision more servers to handle the load.Scalar easily solves both these problems. With an easy to understand configuration, and plenty of options for advanced users, Scalar can automatically scale down your servers when load is light, and then back up as traffic increases. It will even handle the spikes for you, scaling up within minutes of the initial traffic. If your site is busy during the day, but quiet at night, Scalar can save you as much as 50% on your hosting bill.

Save Time

Other auto scaling solutions are locked to a single hosting service, and/or a single source of "load" metrics. This limits your flexibility, or requires you to write and maintain code to report the metrics, or even the autoscaling functionality itself, which isn't an easy task and distracts you from the main focus on your product.Scalar integrates with many services out of the box. Just drop in some API keys or click through some OAuth, and Scalar will be able to seamlessly determine the load and scale your servers as needed.

DevOps Friendly

Following in the DevOps mantra "Monitor Everything", Scalar provides detailed info about the scaling actions it has taken, and can also provide the rationale to why or why not it chose to scale. It also provides beautiful charts on the activity, allowing you to fine-tune your settings.

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